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What's This Noise?


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Hey guys, I just wanted to see if any of yall know what this squeaky sound is in the video. It seems to only happen at low speeds, and only when I'm turning, but I can't duplicate it on demand--it's very random. I last had the car aligned about two months/5,500 miles ago, and they said that one of the tie rods has a little slop in it. My rack also has some slop in it. I've never heard a sound like this before, but I'm guessing it's steering related.


Wow, I need to clean the car this weekend! :whistles:


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it sounds like the the dust cover thats on the steering knuckle, sometimes when taking the tire off you can bend it and then it will rub against the rotor to make that same sound

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This is quite old, but we found this noise while installing new struts a little while ago. As it turns out the driver's side lower ball joint was very, very loose. I'm not sure how it got that way, but we fixed it before anything bad happened!

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Blake, was it loose on the tie-rod end, or the wheel end???

Good thing you caught it now, before it caught you!

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On the wheel end. I'm having a hard time remembering all of this since it's been such a while, but it looks like the two bolts that were loose on my car hold the ball joint to the steering knuckle....


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