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Trading Wood Trim For Aluminum


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Welcome to the LOC!

Sure it should be possible to do that swap, provided you can find the parts.

The overlay's going to look like crap, you'll be able to see the edges of the wood underneath it.

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There are a total of 7 wood parts:

2 - front door window switch consoles

1 - Steering wheel (which I would just buy a leather wrap to hide the old wood)

1 - large u-piece that goes around the control center

1 - Shifter

2 - rear door window switch consoles

There is quite a bit of black (around vents, etc) that I want to keep, even though most overlays I've found include materials to cover it. I think the mix of black and aluminum would look nice.

If I can find the aluminum replacements from a Silversport (I'm assuming no other RX300's have the aluminum trim) is it difficult to replace them?

Thanks...this forum is great!

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edgil, finally, someone who agrees with me and doesn't like the look of the wood! It looks sooooo cheap/fake/plastic that I just don't "get it". I also don't like the feel of the wood when it's cold out so I looked around until I found one with an all-leather steering wheel and shifter.

I haven't seen the aluminum trim but I know I'd prefer it to the wood. let us know how your conversion works out (although regardless of how nice it looks, i'm WAY to lazy and cheap do do it myself)..

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