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Airbag Life Expectancy


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My 91 LS is my daily driver and I began to wonder just how reliable the air bag is in the car after 15 years stashed away in the wheel. The manual says its good for 10 years and then check it. I havent been to a Lexus dealer in years, and I think the Toyota dealer I go to checks it... but im not positive.

So do these airbags wear out or the nylon deteriorate? Is this something I need to be concerned about? Is there any real way to check it?

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Head on.............. :chairshot: Seriously :whistles: The system does a self test at startup..and you should not have a problem...I'm sure insurance companies keep tabs..if you have a "friend" in the business. If you don't go to the "Detailing" section and look under "got into a minor accident" there seem to be plenty of experts.. :whistles: tongue in cheek guys, don't have a bowel movement...LOL.. I expect you are "Safe"

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Quick note: I was told to make sure you wash your face/body off right away if your airbag deploys. There's some chemical or something in the airbag "dust" that is...I guess the word would be corrosive if left on your skin. My friend's mom gets these "burn" victims on occassion from accidents.

I think this goes for recently made airbags but I assume that old airbags use the same materials as the new ones?

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