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  1. I had a minor incident in a parking lot a couple weeks ago, guy drove off.. figures. Anyways there is a speck of paint that came off the car, now what is showing is the bare steel. It is such a small spot that i decided that the touchup paint would be the way to go. I ordered myself one of those awfully small bottles of paint from Swell. Now my question is how do I use this paint!? It has a small brush with it and is there anything more than cleaning the area and going at it? Does anyone have any tips or suggestions before I attempt this?
  2. I'm fairly sure it has an anti-pinch system. Try just oiling the exposed gears (from the top) and making sure there isnt anything jammed in there. My guess is that the roof thinks there is something in the way..
  3. If the mufflers did drag then they might have become unhooked. On my 91 the mufflers are each suspended by two "rubber bands" for lack of better term. The tail pipes were hanging about .5" to 1" low because one of the two bands unhooked on each.
  4. My 91 LS is my daily driver and I began to wonder just how reliable the air bag is in the car after 15 years stashed away in the wheel. The manual says its good for 10 years and then check it. I havent been to a Lexus dealer in years, and I think the Toyota dealer I go to checks it... but im not positive. So do these airbags wear out or the nylon deteriorate? Is this something I need to be concerned about? Is there any real way to check it?
  5. It's an old post but I was just trying to run a wire today and i couldnt get my glovebox off at all! I got the 5 clip like button things. I disconnected the door supports, and i got the lower 2 clips out... what else do i have to do??
  6. I had a similar problem, it was just poor connections with the battery, make sure eveything is clean and tight.
  7. You have to use toyota type 4 trans fluid. Buy it at your toyota dealer for a better price! I would flush it asap by using the info on
  8. Dont use labels, and use the standard cd-r's, the blueish ones. Cd players have a difficult time reading multicolors and black cd-r's. I've never had a problem with a quality cd player reading the bluish ones.
  9. I had the same problem on my 91LS, having only one speaker can really get on your nerves!! I replaced with the midlevel pioneer 4" speakers. I find that the sound is much clearer. It didnt take more than 2 hours to do all 4 doors.
  10. Im still not used to having both cars around....the problem is with the 91
  11. I have the problem that when I hit the gas quick to get around someone....already going 60mph... the back end shakes a little bit and the engine hesitates for about 3 seconds, the engine doesnt speed up or anything and then all of the sudden it just goes like there wasnt any problem. Could this be the diff causing me probelms....its not an issue all the time, just annoying at times. Also do you have to jack up the car to change the diff oil? **The problem is with the 1991 LS**
  12. I've got that same problem on my 91LS I have kept an eye on my colant level and it hasnt dropped any so I gave up on it.
  13. My toyota dealer I work with doesnt have the T-IV fluid by the quart, but they said they could sell it by the gallon if i brought them a container in. Im going to take this as a good thing and demand a better price, what do you think I should offer to pay for a bulk gallon of trans fluid?
  14. I have a 99 and a 91LS and there arent any honest import independent mechanics in town, so I always take the cars to the local toyota dealer...the dealer knows me now and they are always glad to be working on a lexus! They always get me the cheaper toyota branded parts, and ultimately the LS is similar to what they work on so I dont have to worry about some fool working on my car
  15. You will find this question presented many times on the forum.... check out Vais Technology. They work specificly on toyota/lexus equipment. If you click buy now at the bottom it will let you check to see what configurations have been tested to work...
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