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High-mileage Issues With The Rx300

RX in NC

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I have 107K on my 2001 AWD without any problems yet. I didn't start changing the trans fluid until 65K and have been doing a drain and fill every 15K since then. Only real problem other than normal maintenance items is that damn "D" bulb.

I guess I complain a lot about the potential for oil gelling and trans failure but so far this has been a very low maintenance car.

My 2000 RX300 has 145K, mostly highway miles, with absolutely No maintenance issues other than a burned out D light and a creaky antenna... This has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned - all the original parts, though I'm planning on the 150K service changing the belts, etc. This RX300should easily see 200K+

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I have an 01 RX300 FWD. We bought it with 83K and 3 years later we have 135K. While there hasn't been any major failures ie. transmission, the car has been very disappointing maintenance wise. I am a big Honda fan and personally drive an Acura Integra. Wife previously drove an Acura CL and RL.

90K service at Lexus was over $2K :wacko: We also starting replacing the transmission fluid around every 15K because it starts smelling/looking burnt. I also have read on these forums and heard about this issue. $75

Some fan starting clicking/grinding in the climate control at 95K and that was $500.

The rear main seal failed around 105K. It was repaired at Toyota and they tried to charge $1300. I called the lexus dealership and they said they only charged $900. Toyota price matched.

The passenger side window groans going up and down so I expect it to fail soon. Probably ~$500

Light in the instrument cluster that show gear selection is burned out for "Drive". Researching the fix ~$??

Otherwise, the car has been great. Average around 20MPG on 87.

I think I know what you are feeling. I just feel nervous about the car. You may get away with squeezing some more miles out or it or you might get bitten.

Instead of the RDX, which doesn't get very good mileage/takes premium and has a "usually" high maintenance turbo, I am aiming for a CRV. You can get leather, heated seats which isn't too bad and Honda's bullet proof 4 cylinder. The CRV/RDX is smaller than the RX but should still fit the bill. I don't think my wife is ready to give up the image of a luxury car though. :cries:

Hopefully some of this info helps you B)

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I have 129,000 on my 99 RX 300 FWD. I have changed the engine oil every 3,000 and the ATF Fluid every 30,000 and have had very few problems with my RX. At about 100,000 I had the rear main seal replaced as it had developed a small oil leak, I think that was about $700 at my local Lexus dealer to fix. Currently I have the burned out "D" light in the instrument cluster that just recently happened and I have noticed the air flow/temp servos beginning to make some some noise in the AC system. Otherwise just routine maintenance items like belts, brakes, tires, coolant, spark plugs, battery etc. If I keep it much longer I plan on replacing the struts as the ride is beginning to get a little rough, especially when compared to my newer RX 330. Overall I have NO complaints with my 99 RX 300, it has been a GREAT vehicle. :D

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I have a 99 RX300 AWD, 68000 miles and the car was doing OK - struts were replaced under extended warranty, and otherwise engine seems good (very little oil use). Mobil 1 5W30 every 5000 miles for the last two changes. Transmission oil changed at 60K (I don't know what the previous owner did before I owned the car). Then, last week, we drove from Miami to Michigan and - on arrival - found that the seal between the engine and the transmission was leaking - a little puddle everywhere I stopped. There is no Lexus in Traverse City, where I ended up, and the Toyota dealer quoted me $1,600 - 16 hours of work at $91 + miscell. for the repair. I thought it was heavy, but had no leverage to bargain There was no choice. I have called Lexus and asked for some assistance. We'll see what happens.... I was thinking of getting a Cert.pre-owned RX330 this coming month, as an additional car, and the outcome here will surely have an effect on my decision. If the three weak areas are 1. Transmission, 2. Engine sludge and 3. Engine seal, I believe that I may dodge #2, #1 is fully unknown and I will try to avoid by regular transmission oil changes and checks, and #3 was a hit. Other than the above, the remarks I read indicate that the RX is reliable and the odd car has the odd problem. Good luck!

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hi I just joined the club - we have a 2001 RX300 with 132,000 miles. Bought in 2005 with 57,000 miles and only had to replace timing belt and water pump at 90,000, then oil pan leak onto exhaust at 110,000. We are just experiencing a shudder from stop to first gear - could this be the famous engine or tranny mount issue? Original tranny, etc. We started looking at Pilots and Jeep Commanders but would like to keep our "best driving vehicle" another year or two.

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I have a 2001 RX300 4wd with 230k happy miles. Original transmission, currently on third timing belt. Still drives great just as the day I bought it. Change oil every 3k-4k miles. Change trans fluid every 15k miles. Great Car!

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