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  1. LexiQueen, do you recall how often the transmission fluid was changed on your 161,000 mile 2001 AWD RX300? The only info I could find for changing transmission fluid was Sep 2004 97,900 miles Apr 2006 155,400 miles I am sure it was changed at other time especially if it was recommended. I have always considered my SUV to be low maintenance. My husband has a SAAB 93 turbo and his maintenance is ridiculous! By no means has mind been neglected, but the last thing I enjoy doing is going to Lexus/or anywhere else for servicing. The engine runs beautifully, the exterior and interior are beautiful, and I cant wait to see how many more years/miles I get to enjoy driving my RX300!
  2. I forgot to add: that I have AWD, a navigation system, heated front seats I bought all new mats in April 2006 and the car looks like new inside again, they also replaced the spark plugs at this time at some point I replaced the battery maybe Dec 2003 I have only gone to the Lexus dealership for two maintenance services. First two years I went to a car dealership that offered something like a quick lube, then went to Wal Mart, and now I go to The Lube Center in Frederick for oil changes. I am sure there are those who will disagree with this, my husband does. However, I have not had any issues with them and to be honest I like the service I have been given. I get the oil changed every 5,000 miles and frankly do not have the time to go to the nearest Lexus dealer 40mins away. The car has been driven hard, fast, through a 3ft snow fall, and a new teenager driver. Which is how I came across this site. We are planning to buy her a 2002-2004 Lexus IS300 for her first car. :)
  3. New to this site, just found yesterday :( but I have owned my 2001 RX300 since day one Sep 20, 2000! I turned 161,000 miles this morning and this has been the best car, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! This is what I have done to my car since buying: new tires Michelin March 2002 36,600 miles replaced window run Oct 2003 68000 miles replaced brakes April 2004 84,000 miles replaced antenna motor, peeling roof rack, timing belt and some other belts Sep 2004 97,900 miles replaced headlight and rear side marker light bulb Dec 2004 107,400 miles new tires Michelin August 2005 127, 000 miles replaced brakes, rear brake light, replace seal, crankshaft - rear main, reseal leaking oil pan gasket, April 20, 2006 155, 000 miles I have never owned a car for this long or with this many miles. Thought about trading for a new one, but I think the 330's are terrible, I hate getting one as a loner car. I do have a few minor annoyances: seat backs occassionally pop off the pop up cup holder is broken again and will not pay to replace all in all I am very pleased!
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