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Newbie With Some Newbie Questions...please Help!

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Hey guys,

My name is vishaal. i am going to be buying a 98' GS400 on tuesday and im pretty excited....i used to own a 2001 maxima but i got into a serious accident with it. i was on for about a year and now im glad to join a new community. i know all about the communities and such so no need to drill me with flame wars! im not sure if you even use this kinda "lingo" here?!?!

n e way...

im getting the 400 on tuesday and im pretty sure that this car is going to last me.

i applogize if these questions are asked over and over again but i need some help...

whats the gas milage on the 400?(1998)

how dependable is the GS?

how is the traction control in the snow and aswell as the rain?

again...i applogize about the newbie questions so go easy on me...

thanks again and god bless


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do a search :lol: ( i am getting flamed right now for saying that alot ,lmao)

i don't know the specs for milage

but it is extremly reliable the trac works but in snow forget about it unless you hav snow tires

other wise it drives like a dream IMHO

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I've only had my 99 400 for about 2-3 weeks, but my "trip info" that is in the Navigation screen says I'm getting 17mpg for slow city and some highway combined. I think I was seeing 22 for the highway and I drive 75-80+ a lot. (bit of a leadfoot)

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i live in NJ where the gas price is more or less around $1.50-$1.70

what does it cost to fill u your tank? how much is your price per gallon? and how long till your next fill up? (fill to fill much time? 1 week?)



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welcome to the club :D as for gas mileage and cost of gas. i only get premium and depending on where in san diego, ca i get gas, it's about $1.80-1.90. as for mileage it's hard to say, but i'm guessing around 20m-per-g. i usually fill up right around 300 miles.

on dependability, i'll have to keep you posted as i've had my 99gs300 for about a month now. so far it's been a real pleasure with absolutely nothing, not even a rattle anywhere! just to cover myself though, i did buy an aftermarket warranty just in case.

enjoy your gs4!!

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