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  1. Hey Guys, Looking for 225/50/17 Dunlop Running Flats (the oem) if you have a new or a used set i will take them.... i need them asap..thanks!! paypal check money order is waiting!! :)
  2. 4 Dunlop Tires - $100 each or $400 total (Per Manufacturer - $280 each or $1,120) Hello, i'll take the tires if you still have them...please let me know asap...i need today or tomorrow lol
  3. Look at the "sticky" post at the top of the forum that says DVD Bypass is finally here. It shows pictures of how to remove the head unit and make the modification for that topic, but the pictures also show all of the connectors too. I did both the bypass and installed the Vais adapter, and everything was as described. The pictures in the bypass post really help. If you have an '06, I can't imagine your's being different?? Good luck! thanks for the it to work...did you have any trouble ith the ipod skipping(screen)... or with the controls on the screen?
  4. Hey Guys, If anyone has installed this unit in their car please let me know if you needed a special adapter for the 06 GS300 awd/dvd/Navi/6 disc/ w/ Mark Levinson package. They say to remove and plug in the 20 pin plug in to their harness but i have looked all over the back of the oem head unit and cant find a 20 pin plug anywhere... any feedback would be appericated.
  5. hey i know this was a while ago but when you installed the Vais ipod controller, did you find the 20 pin plug...i cant find it. I have Mark Levinson. thanks!
  6. i bought it, saved me $1500 so far...i paid $1800 for the warranty...
  7. the clip off my daytime light brok so the only way to get behind there is if i remove the front bumper...anyone have a how to...or where the bolts are?? thanks vishaal
  8. Hey guys, I'm kinda new to this site....i was wondering if anyone has a METAL chrome grill that they want to sell? I am also looking for the Greddy Front Lip or any type of body kit they might have...thanks and god bless! -V- VsGS400 (if there is a certin place on this site for us lexus owners to buy stuff new/used...can somone please point me in the right direction? thanks...)
  9. are there any write ups on how to's on the forum? fog light write up ect ect..... vsgs400
  10. Hye guys... im picking up the 400 on Wednesday... what should i look for b4 i buy it? anything i should be concerned with? what are some of the major issues with th 98 GS400's? i need help cuz this is my 1st lexus(toyota) not sure what to expect?! please help! vsgs400
  11. i live in NJ where the gas price is more or less around $1.50-$1.70 what does it cost to fill u your tank? how much is your price per gallon? and how long till your next fill up? (fill to fill much time? 1 week?) thanks... vsgs400
  12. Hey guys, My name is vishaal. i am going to be buying a 98' GS400 on tuesday and im pretty excited....i used to own a 2001 maxima but i got into a serious accident with it. i was on for about a year and now im glad to join a new community. i know all about the communities and such so no need to drill me with flame wars! im not sure if you even use this kinda "lingo" here?!?! n e way... im getting the 400 on tuesday and im pretty sure that this car is going to last me. i applogize if these questions are asked over and over again but i need some help... whats the gas milage on t
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