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Wax Chrome Wheels

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Yes but wax on the wheels won't offer much protection because the wheels get so hot, the wax simply melts away. You need to use some sort of Polymer Sealant on them.


Klasse All In One, Zaino,collinite 845 insulator wax works great,NXT past works so so,

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Prior to applying the sealant, get not only the wheels, but also the tires as clean as possible. Apply the sealant and dress the tires. Thereafter use your regular carwash to clean the wheels and tires (a brush helps with the tires). A wheel cleaner will remove the sealant. And if you decide to use a spray tire shine before you apply sealant to the wheels again, cut out a piece of cardboard to keep the tire shine off of the wheels. Tire shine probablywon't hurt the sealant, but boy does it attract brake dust.

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Also the easiest way it to make sure you keep them clean.

Never use a wheel cleaner spray which is just an acid and will destroy them.

what if you keep good coat of wax on wheels then use the acid wheel cleaner ? I have used the cleaner many times on brake dust and you spray it on and hoose it off and all you have to do is dry it off. Shines like new water repels off cuz they are waxed and save a ton of work. what do you think?

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The cleaner will immediately strip any wax or sealant on the wheels.

I wouldn't use it every time.

Its usually not an issue in the summer but in the winter I take my wheel spray to the touchless car wash and spray my wheels just before its my turn and they come out clean as can be.

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