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Doing Body Work On My Rx330 2005


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Hey everyone! I just got my RX330 in March and it was running great until somebody or something swiped the driver side of my car!!!! Now i am kind of sad because i loved my RX330 so much and now it is ruined :( . The side panel that runs along the doors is scratched and i wanted to replace it but the repair shop that i went to said that if they ordered a new one it would just be black so they would have to paint it. Instead they recommended taking off the old panel and sanding it down to smoothen the surface then repaint it. Do you guys think that it would look weird or not?

Also, the car got scratched pretty deeply near the rear driver side door. The metal of the car is exposed, so the body shop is going to paint it over, but i don't know if it will look good or not. If i don't get it painted, i'm afraid that it will start to rust or something. One of my major concerns is that my car color is Breakwater Blue, so it might look to obvious because of the light color.

I need your opinion!!!


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Sorry to hear about your car.

The same thing happened to my wife's black RX330 3months ago while she was parked at Costco ( to the tune of $1500) ,and the culpert never even bothered to leave a note.

Anyway if the work is done by good body shop you shouldn't know the car was hit.

If you're worried about the quality of the repair ask your Lexus dealer what place they take their cars to and go there.

The place that fixed our car was recommended by our dealer and they did an excellent job. You can't tell where the repairs were made.

Good luck

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I agree with cantsleepnk -- good advice. It sounds like the body shop is trying to save you money. They're saying that, regardless, they'll have to paint a door. Let them sand it down and paint it. As was said, this is what body shops do. A good one will make the car look like new again. But, I really expect it to match perfectly if done by a good shop.

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If you are close to Torrance, Ron's Body Shop on Cabrillo does a great job. They specialize in high end cars and they are well known throughout the Southbay. I think it would be worth the drive no matter where you live in LA. I have had work done there twice.


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