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  1. I need some help from you guys. My gs300 was recently hit while parked and has some damage on the left rear. I need your help to identify the yellow circle in the picture shown below. The piece is plastic and goes all the way across to the other side right? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I have a broken cd player(error 3) in my 2005 RX330. I'm planning to bring it to a lexus dealership to fix it for free (???). However i need recommendations on which dealership to go to as they will probably have to open my dashboard up (???). Well...i'm planning to go to Lexus of Glendale (where i bought my car), Longo Lexus (closer to me), or Cerritos Lexus. Do you guys have any experience with these dealerships? if so, which one would u recommend? thanks
  3. The lasar is out of alignment. ;) ← so what do i do?
  4. Hi! My CD player in my RX330 suddenly does not play my cds anymore. The display reads "Error 3". I bought my car in March, so would i go to the dealer and get this fixed for free? THanks
  5. Does anyone know of a good body shop in the LA area?
  6. Hey everyone! I just got my RX330 in March and it was running great until somebody or something swiped the driver side of my car!!!! Now i am kind of sad because i loved my RX330 so much and now it is ruined :( . The side panel that runs along the doors is scratched and i wanted to replace it but the repair shop that i went to said that if they ordered a new one it would just be black so they would have to paint it. Instead they recommended taking off the old panel and sanding it down to smoothen the surface then repaint it. Do you guys think that it would look weird or not? Also, the car g
  7. the thing is my cousin she wants to buy another one, so you know what price is consider reasonable? she wants the 2wd version with navi and rear carm. thanks for your help ← Well the price i got was pretty good, but you could probably knock off another couple hundred if you pick a car on the lot. I had to keep calling glendale becaue they didn't have my color and the second day they got the car, i bought it. If you want, i can recommend you the sales person.
  8. I also live in San Gabriel, but i went to lexus of glendale to buy my rx330 because they had the best offer. I went to longo and called cerritos and westminster, but they were not willing to offer invoice price. But i guess you bought the car already so ENJOY! I love my car!
  9. That is expensive because i got my 2005 rx330 last month for a price of $37900 (invoice) w/o taxes and it had navigation. The MSRP was almost $43k
  10. Hi! I bought my'05 RX330 about 2 weeks ago. Today my friend who works as a mechanic at my lexus dealer called me and told me that i should come a get my tires rotated because it is still within 30 days of the purchase date. Does anyone know why this is needed? Just to note, when i received my car, the certificate of inspection was not signed, so i was just wondering that this might be because they did not check my car before i bought it. What do you guys think? Thanks Nevermind, i called up my friend again and he said it was a tire alignment. He said that when they ship the car, Lexus align
  11. Thanks for the clarification! The dealer did go over these with me, but i didn't know they were called c-best settings.
  12. Hi eveyone! I am new to this forum. I just bought a 2005 RX330. I was wondering if the car requires a 1000 mile service after the break-in period. The owner's manual only mentions the 5k service. I have searched in other posts but there is no definite answer. I know that in the previous year lexus cars came with a 1k and 5k service for free, but i guess they changed it.
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