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Moonroof Trouble

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ok last night i opened my moonroof on my 1995 ES300. and when i tried to close it it went 1/8 the way and the motor started grinding, so i tried opening it, i opens all the way but the motor keeps grinding, my moonroof is stuck open, NEED HELP FAST. even a temp fix to close it

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There is no fast fix to my knowledge. The Toyota Cressida (forerunner to the ES) came with a tool that allowed you to pull out a plug in the headliner and use it as a crank to close the sunroof. But the entire process disappeared along the way. It sounds like your motor has stripped a gear or the system has come out of alignment and is binding. Your best bet is some heavy plastic, duct tape, and some slow speeds while getting to a dealership, unless you feel confident at lowering your headliner to have a look at it yourself. Good Luck!

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