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  1. ok last night i opened my moonroof on my 1995 ES300. and when i tried to close it it went 1/8 the way and the motor started grinding, so i tried opening it, i opens all the way but the motor keeps grinding, my moonroof is stuck open, NEED HELP FAST. even a temp fix to close it
  2. Year: 1995 Owners: 2 Miles: 215,225 Color: Amethyst Mist (gray) MODS Lights: -Silverstar High/Low beams -Red interior lights Engine: -K&N performance air filter Audio/Visual: -2 12" Infinity 1200watt subs -PowerAcoustik Amp -Kenwood 715 touch screen DVD player in dash PROBLEMS -Trans rebuild at 213,000 miles
  3. 17 with a 1995 ES300 ...... 215,225 miles
  4. at least in my 95 you dont need the emergency release. the latches are weak. just apply enough pressure. it will open, but its bad for the latch, but in an emergency i doubt you would worry about that
  5. i use Ray Catena Lexus. they charge $90 an hour, plus you can request a loaner car (lexus) for no charge.
  6. Im still a Gas Pumper at Wawa. currently 87 = $1.96 89 = $2.04 93 = $2.12
  7. ive started putting 93 in my 1995 es since i hit 180k miles. at around 179 i started hearing a faint knock. the mechanic told me (because of the miles and age of the car) to try a higher octane, the knocking stopped. ive used premium ever since. and BTW i get around 28-33mpg
  8. I GOT IT. i hope. i took off a "milk jug" like container from the bottom of the intake tube. it seemed to rev a little easier and very slightly quicker. also a better sound, thanks
  9. does it say silencer on it or something
  10. yeah those are what im talkin bout. i did that, but i need replacement screws what size are they? or can the dealer get replacements?
  11. on i took apart my center console (shifter and stuff) on my 1995 to change the bulb underneath. bad stuf happened, the 2 screws that hold the shifter knob down (2 about midway up) fell into the abyss of wires, i cant shift right, wont let me get my keys out of ignition, HELP. what size are these screws?
  12. im gettin an 11 second 1991 Mustang 5.0 LX to play with in a few months. but i want something to do now lol. but seriously this silencer. anyone have a pic of it?
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