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Idle Fails And Car Stalls

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Occasionally when we start up our 1999 ES300 (50,000 miles, excellent condition) the automatic car idle fails and the engine immediately fails. The only way we've been able to keep the car going is by holding in the accelerator and keeping the RPMs at about 1000. After a few minutes or so the idle seems to work again.

Then a few weeks later the problem will reoccur. This happens whether the car is cold or has been running awhile. In warm weather or cold weather.

Anyone have any suggestions or solutions? When we've taken it in to the dealer for this, the problem never reoccurs for them. They say that it may be the electronic sensor that controls idleing

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I've got the exact same thing going on with my '95. Seems to be everything points at the ICV. Sounds like kind of a pain to clean. Is it easier to pull off the entire intake to get to the the ICV to clean it?

I saw another detailed post, but all the image links were unobtainable.

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I had the same problem on my 2001 ES 300 and I found out the problem was the IAC valve. I took it to the dealership to check on it and they told me it was the same thing. Seems like this is a common problem with Lexus / Toyotas because they often sell out of those parts. Also, make sure that the part is just dirty and not completely malfunctioning beucase it has some electric controls to it. It will save you alot of money--I was quote $550 to replace the part. I replaced the part myself (part cost $250 and gasket $5). The actual job to replace the part is really easy--it took me one hour.

Remove air intake hoses from throttle body (best to remove the whole air intake cover beucase it gets in the way)

Then remove the respective hoses attached to the IAV value--it's located on the underside of the throttle body.

Remove the air intake part from the throttle body that it's attached to so you can access the screws to the IAC valve (remember it's upside down). You will have to take off the hoses that are attached to it.

You can try cleaning the part or replacing it. I read that many people just cleaned the part and everything worked fine again. I don't know how to test the part, so I had to trust the dealership that it was malfunctioning plus I was lazy...

I hope this helps.

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I read all the replies on this and mine is the same issue,

but the problem is that i can't locate the part.

Anyone has a picture of it on the engine, to see where it is located at .

there is so many things under the throttle body, i cant tell.

Thanks alot.


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