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First Week Of Lexus Ownership


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I have to say nearly everyone who sees my car says nice car.. Besides my near fight over the car with the detail idiot its been wonderful.

Some of you may know I have had car for about 3 weeks and are questioning why first week.. Well I had LEXUS for 3 days and then left for 2 weeks..

Today I took my god father for ride and he was one of those power drivers from the 60/70's. Now he has a new Taurus that he loves, but before I purchased he was dead against a 93 LEXUS.. He told me look around and the repairs are expensive and thats over 12 years old. As if I could not count.. :) I guess it was normal concern for someone who did not know much about LEXUS's.

Well one ride later and he is amazed that this car was light years ahead of any car in the 90's. He loved everything about and when I got gas some kid on the side pump told him nice car!!

I also filled up for the second time at HESS.. Previously I used a CITGO and I ended up getting 19.44 miles per gallon. This was a 65/35 mix of highway to around town. Now I am not going to do cartwheels about x<20 MPG, but I told the gas guy that I paid 2.66 a gallon first time just so then anything less would make me feel good.. On top of that I got 33.33 worth of gas for my first fill up nearly a month ago. 3 is my lucky number so I hoped it would help. As it was I paid 2.39 today..

Well guys the radio is wonderful.. Ride is spectacular and I enjoy every second!

Yesterday when I arrived from the airport I was hopeful my wife would surprise me with the LEXUS.. As the car was pulling up I seen nice headlights and style in the dark.. Ahh its a BMW not her.. Then I was anticipating my car even more. Well one minute later nice lights and the 91 Ford Taurus arrives.. Good thing my wife looked like a million bucks.. It was so funny.. Raining I was dead tired after a superlong day of airports/work/ and travel I got on the gas for the last mile on the highway.. I heard some noises and felt some movement in the front end.. I looked at dash and we were doing 75 miles an hour.. Felt like car was about to caugh after working to hard.. Its funny..

Cheers my friends and hope this makes you laugh..

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I bought a 1993 LS400 two days ago and love it more than my 2001 Grand Cherokee! Only thing is that the Speedo needle stopped working today....242k miles and if that is all that happens then it is money well spent.

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