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Please Give The Answer To Instrument Cluster Problem


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I have looked everywhere on the internet about the common problem that sc300 and LS400 have with their instrument cluster lights flickering adn then eventally not turning on. I too have the same problem with my 95 sc300. I have not found 1 solution to this problem..

My question is, does ANYONE know what the problem is? Is it the circuit board? If so, I grabbed a circuit board off of another SC400 from the junkyard of the same year, can I just replace that with mine? Or will that Kill the speedometer reading ?

so to sum it up:

1) Is it the speedometer circuit board thats the issue?

2) Or is it the light bulbs and the needles themselves thats the issue?

3) Can I swap a new circuit board in to fix the problem?

4) Can I swap a new circuit board in without having to worry abou tthe mileage being changed?

5)Does the ECU keep track of the mileage of the actual instrument cluster circuit board?

IF ANYONE can answer these problems, I would be greatly appreciated.

I know that there are lot of places where you can send your instrument cluster to get fixed, but I want to know what the problem is so I can attempt to fix it myself.

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I wouldn't replace the circuit board without swapping the Odo chip. In most cases the bulbs and needles need to be replaced or serviced.

There are a number of places where you can sent the cluster and have them refurbish it. Search the Forum for more info. We've talked about this issue forever.

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New to this forum but not to automotive forums in general.....I have searched high and low and for whatever reason cant come up with the answer on how to fix the instrument panel lighting on the SC model vehicles. The posts I have seen were for ES or LS. Not sure if these instructions are the same for the SC. If they are please let me know and Ill get started. If not could someone please do a write up or tell me what the simple differences are.

All I need to fix is half of the Tach from numbers 4 on up. Im not having any other trouble with the panel at this time.

Thank you!

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@Kent H what did you find i have a 95 sc300 we bought a tweaked harness and everything works but the instrument cluster no lights coolant fuel speedo and rpm are inop 

everything worked with the stock harness when we switched to tweaked nothing worked 

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