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  1. Worst advice I've seen all month. Does Jim Walker still do this repair ?
  2. Driving home this week, I noticed my driver's side window was making a noise that sounds like a computer reading a CD-ROM when you first put it in, or like a computer reading an old 3.5 inch floppy drive. From the moment I heard the noise... the window also stopped working altogether. I never heard any clicking or popping noises, and the window worked perfectly before. The 3 other windows work fine. Where is the connection for the window motor on the wiring harness ?
  3. I have seen this advice all over the Internet. Make sure you read the instruction that come with your pads. The Wagner ThermoQuiet's specifically say do NOT use any type of grease. It is already manufactured with a "quiet backing" on the pads.
  4. I just replaced the pads on my 1993 LS with Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramics and they were tapered on the edges.
  5. Or just find another Lexus key where the plastic isn't broken... combine the "shell" of the donor key, and the chip of YOUR key, to make one good key.
  6. Where did you begin to take apart the instrument panel ? The lights went out on the left side of my dash, near the RPM & oil pressure gauge, etc...
  7. Also can be purchased here: http://www.sleeoffroad.com/products/products_switches.htm
  8. The "remote" for my 93 LS is built into the key itself. I have never seen a separate remote for the 90-94's
  9. Was this a SEA FOAM Motor Treatment you did ? Or did you take apart everything and clean it ?
  10. I called the LEXUS dealer to get a new fuel filter for my LS400. The service manager told me: "I don't know what you are trying to fix, but I can almost promise you, you don't need a new fuel filter..." They don't keep them in stock and he hasn't ordered one in 10 years. Fuel filter replacement is not even a part of the 60 or 120,000 mile service.
  11. Although this is for the first generation... It's not just a yellow bulb... there is actually a yellow glass cover inside. http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/lighting/fogs.html
  12. I used DEVCON High Strength Plastic Welder (at Wal-Mart for $2.88). After cleaning and drying the tank... I also used 100 grit sandpaper to roughen the surface around the sensor, before using the epoxy. I let it dry for 24 hours before starting the car. No more leaks.
  13. Plastic Epoxy = No more leaks Problem solved.
  14. Unfortunately, I just discovered that my tank has a hairline crack around the level sensor. :(
  15. Thank you for the info, I just ordered this o-ring from Lexus. I hope this does the trick...