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Wow that is kewl... Today I went to the dealer and they stated the new technology in the hybreds is amazing.. The brakes are assisted by the engine and the SUV gets more mileage in town then highway.. 31 to 28..

On top of this the guy was showing me some of the feature. Amazing.. The car is light years ahead of Ford and Chevy.. He said they would sell some technology to Ford or Chevy, but they dont have the funds..

He also stated each month LEXUS breaks records with sales and revenue.. Is this true?

Reguardless the cars are amazing.. I love the 430 and the GS..

So now I am anxious to upgrade my newly purchased LEXUS with one of those..

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sorry to disagree with u... hybrids though save a lot of gas and produce next to nothing in emissions... the amount of batteries for each hybrid compared to normal cars are significanly higher... everyone should know that each battery is highly toxic and 50 percent of the time people dont properly dispose of the batteries... also factoring price of each battery to replace in 3 years will make price not spent on gas to be spent on new batteries BUT there are other forms of alternative gas most notably for californians, and im not sure about other states... honda sells a Civic that runs on natural gas which u can pump directly from home... and it just goes on your utility bill there is a new form of disel that is out... many celebritys also are trying... BioDisel produces no emissons at all and all disel engines can be run on biodisel... please excuse me for the long lecture... i've been inspired really by my autoshop teacher and he made a lot of sense... i kinda left out a lot but since im typing im sure people can understand...

but on a different note... the hybrid technology was sold to Porsche to possibly make a hybrid Cayenne...

also as unbelievable as it sounds it seems like one of the tops in toyota was commenting on failing compietition in america and possibly helping the americans by raising prices to allow american cars to earn more profit

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I also heard something about these hybrids posing a huge risk of electrical shock when involved in an accident. I'm not sold on this technology just yet. I saw a ford mini-suv hybrid the other day on TV bragging about 27 mpg on the highway. Big deal if you ask me. My 10 year old V8 get's that now. Not to mention the Ford cost $32,000! If you ask me, I think the next generation of alternative energy should come from magnet technology. Ever taken two magnets, put them together at the same charge points "+ to +" and seen how they push eachother apart? I would think a gadget could be designed on a sliding pole where a throttle cable would pull them closer, pull them apart to generate more force. A spinner of sorts...the closer the magnets, the faster they chase eachother around, spinning the bracket. Get strong enough magnets, add in some physics, slap on a tranny, and bam. I have magnets called earth magnets, they're the size of a quarter, and can pick up 45 pounds!

I did a project in business school pertaining to this idea many years ago. It actually attracked the attention of some investors. But, further research showed it went against Newton's first 3 laws of thermo-dynamics. But, I still think it would work.

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You're a finance guy, Akewlguy, do the math and see what happens when you amortize the cost of the replacement batteries over their 4 year lifespan. You'll probably find that negates any money saved by improved fuel economy.

Regardless the technology is really cool and Lexus never fails to impress!

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