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Warning Re Black Pearl Emblems

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On Ebay...

I bought some of the black pearl chrome emblems for my SC400 from a guy on ebay (Ebay ID hk-plus)... I was a little worried about buying from a guy out of Hong Kong but he had good feedback and so I bought them... They were shipped to me fast and looked great and I gave a good feedback on ebay... This was about a month ago and last week I noticed the black pearl was starting to turn color and in some spots completely gone and gold showing underneath... This is w/o me washing or waxing and the only thing that could of affected it was the heavy rains here in Georgia that we had the week after I put them on...

Maybe I just got the bad one of the bunch but I’ve sent the guy several emails last week and yesterday and as of today haven’t heard anything back... So buyers beware... I just wished I could go in and change my feedback... I guess now I am going to take the pieces of crap off and see if I can get them black powder coated by someone local... I plan on taking some digital pictures so if anyone wants to see them email me at hoytinthesouth@hotmail.com

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It looks like I will be stripping these emblems down and painting them myself... I still havent heard from the guy and Ive made a point to send him a freindly reminder every day... But I figured maybe he needs a little incentive to e-mail me so I sent him an e-mail telling him that if he hasnt responded to me by tomorrow that I am going to start emailing everyone who bids on his emblems on ebay a description of mine and offering to send them a picture... Wonder if he will respond?

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