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My 92 Sc300 Is Diing On Me! Help!

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:cries: Please help me Lexus family. My car, for the first time ever, just shut down as I was driving it. She's a beautiful 92 SC300 5 speed and she's breaking my heart. I feel like a gilted lover. Can anyone tell me why she's trying to leave me?

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My first guess would be alternator or battery. Does your fuel tank have any petrol in it?

You hit it right on the nose. That's why I just love my Lexus family!! I got it fixed and we're turning a corner in love (SC300)

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from what i know, the alternators on sc's are pretty dependable.... make sure that your distributer seal isn't leaking oil, as that will land on your alternator and cause damage or failure... Im speaking with experience and just trying to save you a 2nd alternator.


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