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Nav Screen

Ron O

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I feel that the Nav screen is not as “bright “ as I would like. I notice that on sunny, bright days (not in direct sun) the screen is washed out even with the adjustment of the display screen and the colors.

I live in Western NY State so I would imagine that the southern owners would have even more complaints,

The dealer says that the screen is normal.


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Our screen is fine for readability and contrast even in bright sun. The one problem I have is that it isn't as bright as I would like when viewed through my sunglasses so I end up lifting them for a second if I really need to see the screen well. The sunglasses are pretty dark.

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With the sunroof open, the sky reflects directly into the Nav screen making it nearly impossible to see. If only the angle were a little lower...

I've also found that polarized sunglasses can blank out the screen completely. If you turn your head about 45 degrees to the left, it will blank out... and it's also pretty hard to drive straight, too. I don't recommend it.

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