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  1. A friend of mine has a Ford Hybred and towed a small trailer with 800# aprox 600 miles . He found that his milleage droped to 13mpg @ 70MPH. After unloading the 800 lbs the result on return trip was about the same. He normally gets about 24 -25 MPG on the SUV. Anone here have an experiance hauling trailers ? Was your mileage that deteriated ?
  2. Since I took delivery of the H a little over a year ago, 22,000 miles and I have always had a problem with the "feel" of the brake pedal and the stopping ability of the vehicle. My other cars have, in most part been "sport" vehicles -- Audi S4, BMW M3 etc. and the brakes always were a no brainer thing. You push on them and the car stopped . The ABS also was a no thought function. The other day I was involved in a "panic" stop situation with the car ahead and almost hit his rear. I took my 400H into the dealer and they also expressed concern but said the system was opera
  3. Have any of you, in light of recent heavy rains, had any troublle with stalls or other maladys due to high water?? I wondered how deep water the 400 would manuver through with out stalling, spttering or shorting out? Thanks for shareing
  4. I live in Western NY and although we have not had much snow when we did the 400 behaved very well. I haven't any steep grades so I too will be anxious to hear from some one who has had some experiance with a situation that has this type of hazzard.
  5. I just noticed your question about installation. If you are at all handy the installation is a snap. If not, I would venture to say that any car audio place that knows it's stuff would have no problem at all installing the unit. Regarding price, I think the unit is about $400. I got a better deal because I drove up to him and played guinea pig to see if his stuff worked okay so I don't know the exact price. His name is Jon August. jashev, I've already contacted Jon about the RX400h application of the Sirius XM unit and I'm awaiting his response. In the meantime, do you have any photo
  6. It may be just a reflection --- It looks alright in person. Thanks for pointing it out. Ron Boy I like this car !!
  7. All the other cars I have the Audi, BMW have easy access to the Factory Customer Service. They are very responsive! Although the service at my local Lexus dealer is satisfactory (BARELY) I would like to have the ability to contact a "factory" rep directly from time to time. If any have the 800 # for this service I would apreciate you're sharing it with us. Thanks
  8. I live in Western NY and the temp has been in the 20s f . I'm down to 23-24 mpg as opposed to 26-27mpg. I wish there were a Lexus phone to answer questions like these. The service now as opposed to my earlier LS 400 circa '98 has deteriorated
  9. I installed the XM -- Lexus dealer installed - Delphi - It works very good. Not as good as the built in on my Audi but ok for my needs. Wouldn't be without it being a news junky. Good luck !
  10. Sounds like something is loose. Make them fix it and not dust it off. Good Luck .. Mine does not do it very quiet at ~ 10,000 miles av. 26 mpg I'm very happy with it Love the transmission and pick up most of all. :D
  11. Did you drive your 300 the same way --- cruise control at speed limit ??
  12. Do any of you have a concern for the length of throw of the brake pedal ? I find that when pushing hard for a semi panic stop, my foot pushes past the accelerator and consequently sometimes engages it as well .. The brake is more powerful so I can stop no problem but it is a bit disconcerting at times. I asked the dealer's maintenance/service dept. and they said the brakes were with in the tolerance of the factory specification. Any comments ?? <_<
  13. Did you ever smell your hands, clothes, shoes after filling a tank of diesel ? I have had 3 diesels -- 2 GMs and one Mecedes turbo. I wouldn't buy another unless there were compelling reasons. Like 300+ HP performance and 35+ MPG. I love the 400H (for the time now) and I have been a car nut since I was a kid ( a long time ago) :(
  14. I just dropped off the 400 and they gave me a 330 to drive. What a difference! I immediately felt it in the transmittion and n the ride. I am really convinced that the 400s are considerably ahead in driving pleasure and response to the OLD technology of the RX 330. Forget the fuel savings – I would pay the difference in price just for the pleasure of the driving response of the 400. :D
  15. I only have 400 miles on my car but have the following observations: 1. My gas mileage has been about what I expected, 27 combined hway/city. 2. I have no complaints about materials used or quality controls. 3. I find the missing remaining miles guage annoying, but not critical. In a luxury vehicle at this price, there is no reason to not have that option. 4. Again, tire pressure system is an annoyance and at this level should be standard. 5. I have had no problems with the climate control. 6. Don't particularly care about the wood. 7. Listened to the Levinson system and elected
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