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A/c Falshing Green Light When It's Off

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SKPerformance - you seem to be very knowledgable about this stuff (I seem to know nothing!) Here's one for you:

I have a 1999 SC300, 82,000 miles, black w/ black (and beautiful) the only problem it has is that a green indicator light starts flashing on the A/C button. This only occurs when the A/C is turned OFF and after about 10 or 15 minutes. When it starts to flash - I press the "off" button and it stops but then starts again after another 15 minutes or so. The A/C runs fine and doesnt flash when its on - only when its off. I ran the self diagn. test and it gave me the "00" meaning normal. I've done some research but im clueless. Any suggestions before i get a big bill from the dealership?? PLEASE!!! Is it possible that it is an old code (like 21 for being in the dark running the test before) and its just in memory?? :wacko:

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This can happen for many ressons according the the shop manual. If one of the temperature sensor is called upon and doesn't respond the light will flash. The compressor is working fine or else you would not have cooling. They are four sensors that control the system, one by the front bumper outside, one within the evaporator housing, one on the dash normally by the radio, and the solar sensor. The self tesh will not alway notify of a bad sensor.

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