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Steering Wheel Compatibility ?


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This topic may seem really lame....but does anyone know of Steering wheel compatibilities between lexus vehicles ?? I would like to get a new steering wheel in my 2000 ES, will steering wheels from any other vehicles fit ? If so, can anyone tell me what years and models ??


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I doubt it, plus you'd have to buy a new airbag and thats gonna cost you.

Why do you doubt it ? I've looked a pictures of steering wheels from LS400 and ES300 around the same year and they look almost identical; I'm just not sure if the mounting is the same. It looks like the airbag from the ES will fit, I just wanted to see if someone could confirm that it does or doesn't.

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The wheels are actually totally different, the LS wheel is a couple inches wider in diameter too. Even if it does bolt up its not going to flow into the steering column in look and its going to stick out.

The airbag from the ES will DEFINATELY not fit. That I am 100% sure of. They're totally different designs. Your generation ES uses a stock Toyota wheel design shared with the Camry, the Solara, the 4 Runner of that era. The LS uses a wheel shared with the LX/Land Cruiser of that era and they now use that wheel rim on the GX, LX, 4 Runner, Sequoia, and Tundra truck.

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