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Auto Tilt Down Mirrors


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You basically need the computer for the memory seats and mirrors ,this would use a tirgger from the reverse gear to activate the tilt down.

I lowed the feature at first at work as it was new to me and worked.

That was until i needed to actually see what was behind me and not the pavement or curb.

Now i find it an annoyance when i move cars around.

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I agree. I don't like the tilt down mirrors because you can't see whats in back of you, but you can see what your tires are about to run over. I've had a couple of close calls because of this. I still leave it on becuse when I pull into a parking space, I put it in reverse so I can make sure I am in the lines and in far enough. But for backing up its not that great.

You can turn it off by moving the mirror adjustment L/R selection lever to the middle.

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The 05 loaner I have has auto tilt down mirrors when the car is shifted to reverse, how hard would this be to do on an 03? Any ideas?


heard a few people (like Sharad below) who quite like the idea of this - but get a bit peeved with living with it day to day.

Does the ES have memory seats?

If so - use the second position so it is exactly the same as the first, except with the mirrors titled down. Then, when you want them titled - just shift to P, and hit 2.

Once you finish parking, hit 1 again ;)

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