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Keyless Entry Chip

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Another question. I just bought 2 new master keys with a new chip on ebay. However, I have no clue where this chip is supposed to go on my 92 SC. My dad has a GS and an ES and said that in his trunk there was a box with an FCC label on it. I cannot locate such a thing on my car. Can anyone help me.

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I looked at the electrical wiring diagram for a 95 and the wireless ecu appears to be under the rear window shelf. When I bought my 95 I had the dealer make me a master. They used the VIN# to cross reference the chip. I'm assuming the 92 would be similar.

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Well, in case anyone has this similar problem...I ripped almost the entire car apart trying to locate the wireless ecu. I finally located it. To get to the wireless ecu, first remove the seat deck for the rear sit by lifting up on one side then the opposite side. You have to give a little tug, but they will pop up. I believe the socket size to use next is 10mm maybe 12mm. Unbolt the bolts holding the backrest for the back seat and remove this piece as well. Next gently remove the side panel in the back seat behind the passengers seat. This is where the wireless ecu is located. You will need a philips head screwdriver and a pair of needlenose pliers to remove the old chip and insert the new chip. After replacing the chip, close the doors and give your new chip a try. Then just reverse the steps to replace all of the panels and seat parts. Good luck and have fun.

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