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Lexus Or Toyota Service


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Now that we may have our Rx400h soon, I'm wondering where to take it for service. We have been extremely satisfied with the service at Maita Toyota which we have used for over 10 years. They have always been efficient and honest. They have never made the kind of mistakes I've run into elsewhere. Their prices even seem okay.

Also they would have experience servicing similar hybrids (i.e. Prius).

But I won't get a free bottle of Dasani. :(

Should I give the Lexus dealer a chance before I decide or just stick with what's been working for my Camry?

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Having had Toyota techs service my Prius...let Lexus do it. I've not encountered one that can even drive it.

Honestly though servicing it isnt any different than a normal car.

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I agree with Mehullica. One of my best friends is a Lexus technician who was sent to Hybrid training last month & he was told that although there will be silmiliarities with the Highlander & RX400h there will also be huge differences. I'd bring it back to the Lexus dealer. I certainly would not bring it to any aftermarket shops. Especially with the 288 high voltage battery. It only takes 32 volts to kill you. They are required to wear heavily insulated gloves when working on these vehicles.

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What is the drive train warantee on the 400? Expected battery life and cost of new battery(s)?

Of course take it to Lexus for all warantee work. Be courious to see their recomended sevice items and intervals. The majority will probably have nothing to do with the electrically driven components, and therefore I would not be concerned about Toyota doing that or D.I.Y. to save money.

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I was told that the most hybrid components including the nickel metal hydride battery are cover for 8 years or 100,000 miles. Also since the introduction of the Prius in 2000, Toyota has never replaced a hybrid battery. Maintenance costs should be reduced because the transmission fluid never needs replacement & with the super long life coolant it gets replaced at 90,000 miles instead of at 30,000.

Basically if you have the timing belt & waterpump replaced at 90k anyway the coolant will also be replaced. Also with the regenerative braking brake pads should last 60-70.000 miles. My friend who owns a Prius had 70,000 miles on it before the brake pads were replaced. Oil changes are at 5,000 mile intervals.

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