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Clay With Qd Or Water?

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I have been reading this forum sometimes until 4 or 5 in the morning!!! It's GREAT, but I have a question about this claying procedure. I have seen here in several post that some of you use your clay with soapy water, while you're washing. I just purchased my first clay kit, Mothers. reading the instructions, they say in bold letters, "DO NOT USE WITH WATER!!!". Do you guys know something that they don't or are they just trying to secure more sales for their Showtime QD? My car is Diamond Pearl, even after going through all of the steps, will the difference really be that noticeable with this color?

Thanks for you responses...

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boaz65, IMO you won't see much of a differance as you will feel. You should see a differance after 2 or 3 layers of polish and wax. It's a lot of work but worth the end results. I have been using a QD and have like the results. Let us know what you do and your results.

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Same here...use QD to get the lubrication between your car and the clay.  Make sure you bend and mold the clay to remove the dirt from the application surface.

If done properly, you'll love the results!

I personally use car shampoo as my lube. I wash the car normally, then rinse. Then I start on the roof and re apply the soapy water and use the clay. Once the paint feels smooth I just rinse the soap off and move to the next section. I can clay a 04 Dodge Durango in about 40 minutes using this method.

The important thing is no matter what you use (clay lube or car wash ) be sure you use plenty of it and do NOT clay any areas dry or you will leaves smear marks and possibly drop the clay on the ground).

Sonus Detail clay bars(For use with the car shampoo)

Clay lube, clay bar and towel kit

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