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Extended Warranty 2000 Ls400 With 71k?


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All I can say is read the fine print. Some company warranties have a loose (in my opinion) definition of the word 'warranty'. It may include per incident deductibles, pre-repair approvals for the mechanic and the repair itself, and other various time consuming or cost hidden exclusions.

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Do you have maintenance records for the car?

Honestly I don't think extended warranties are worth it for the LS, they're very reliable as it is and I doubt you'd get your money back out of it.

I've verified through Lexus it has had a 5k,15k,25k,30k,40k,50k, and an oil change at 70k at a quick oil change place (they used 10W-30 synthetic).

Are you cognizant as to what components have a tendency to fail in between 70 and 100k?

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I know you're getting into strut territory but the warranty's not going to pay for them, and I also know that you can have some lower ball joint failure at that mileage but they're not likely to cover that either. Other than that not a lot. These cars dont have a lot of "common problems".

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