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Production Rate Of Rx400hs


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I just read an article that stated Lexus plans to build 2000 RX400hs per month. Assuming that they will be "up-to-speed" in April, each dealership will get an equal allocation, and that there are 180 Lexus dealerships in the US, there should be 11 RXs coming to each dealership per month.

Has anyone heard any differently?

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2000 per month for US market only.  Each dealer to get betwwen 10-15 per month depending on their sales volume.

Here's the article from the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA), so I'm guessing that this figure is for US consumption.

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Happen to see 'ONE' at a local dealership (Longo Lexus, El Monte) when test driving the new 2006 GS (alreay sold 40+ with 20+ remaining for those who were on the waiting list with deposits down), it's the only one they just got so far for engineering testing only. Took a short 3 minutes ride from the bestment to ground level. Absolutely no engine sound or mechnical noise from the under ground parking. This one comes with a rear overhead DVD entertainment system, Sweetest.

No wonder it's the first luxury SUV so far.

Damn, i checked out everything of the vehicle, except the window MSRP sticker !

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If it didn't make any sound, it must have been an RX400H.

Our local dealer says they have been told they will get a demo model for test driving within a week or two.

Another dealer I talked (one which claims to have the largest volume in Northern Califorina) to expects to get about 20 a month.

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