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Edr... Is It In The Sc?


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i was watching the news and they had a special about edr's in cars now. similar to the flight recorders on planes. when an accident occurs it records data of the speed, rpms, if you were accelerating, etc.edr dteremines pretty much who's fault it was. they said that they started this 15 years ago. so im wondering can it be in my 94 sc400. can it be in you sc? :unsure:

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Do newer cars have more advanced features (with OBD II) that cops can actually pull that info out. my cousin got pulled over for weaving & speeding in a parking lot in my aunts acura mdx and the cop said they can pull out the information and see all the data on it.

Now I know that theres things that can record that data, but you have to buy it the little thing that goes in the OBD II port, its not just automatically stored right?

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