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Gas Gauge On The Fritz


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Hi, I recently noticed my Gas gauge and my distance to empty read out are not in sync.

It showed that with 3/4 of a tank i had 110 miles to empty.

After a lot of driving I got to 77 miles on half a tank.

Filled up the tank last nigh and it showed I have 200 miles to empty.

I know the mpg sucked but this is crazy.

Any thoughts?

I have almost 60,000 miles on the car. i got it with 54,000 in august.

its an 02


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A few members have been having problems with their computer estimates too. Another member named Tsquared had a post called "05 Gas Milage", and he brought his ES back to the dealer and they reflashed his computer with a new program. I'd go back to the dealer and have them update your computer as well.

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