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  1. Is there a high mileage club from toyota/lexus for the cars that have gone over say 300k or 500k? This would be a good way to tell if these cars will last. I know from mexperience that mercedes has special clubs from the company that are specifically for cars over 250k, 500k and i think even higher.
  2. I have 2 problems. The first came about when I brought my car in for inspection and the mechanic grabbed the front passenger side wheel and was able to shake it left and right. He showed me that the drivers side was imovable. He then told me that I need a new inner tie rod. Since he is not my mechanic I told not to do anything and will take the car to the mechanic later. I wanted to know if what this guy was saying sounds right. Also I have tranny issues. The care kicks when a start driving from standing. It is rather anoying. I was thinking of doing a tranny flush. I wanted to ask you gu
  3. Check wether the lights are aimed properly. If one is up then it will give the apperance of being brighter since it is point higher. check at night. both have to be iluminating the road ahead.
  4. check the gas cap, make sure it is on right. had that problem on an ml430 once
  5. My mechanic was terrrified to touch them, this after he did all my brakes and replaced the strut mount. My whole front end was replaced due to a collision. How do i kick in the auto leveling? Also I looked up the adjustment, however it is confusing and hard to find the screw for adjustment. I called my local dealership (bay ridge lexus), they want $50 and the car for the whole day.
  6. how can i adjust the headlight? One is pinting up and the other is pointing down. This is after the car was repaired so these are new headlights. how do i kick in the auto aim that it is suppose to have? thank you
  7. Is the good key and the valet key w/ holder close to each other? the valet key holder hasa transponder chip in it and may interfere with the other transponder chip in the main key. if you put in the valet key and hold the holder next to the key, wait a few seconds and try to start it up, make sure the other key is not in the car.
  8. the lock is the one from factory
  9. Well I crashed my lexus the other day. I was driving down a street and some lady slammed on her brakes in the middle of an intersection and you know the rest. Air bags did not deploy. Based on new york insurance laws it is automatically my fault. I did not report just paid for the damages for her car and now i have to fix mine. I need 2 new xenon headlights, new hood, new bumper cover. Radiator support will have to most likely be pulled. Now there is a rattle noise as a drive and hit little bumps coming from the right side. I don't know if it is from the accident or a tire blow out i suff
  10. Hi, today as i was driving my brother hit the rds search button on the navigation screen. then the screen froze and all functions went dead. I pulled over a turned off the car, then on again and the screen does not turn on. no functions work on the unit including the open and tilt. i have no clue what to do and my aftermarket warranty most likely will not cover any work on the nav unit. HELP!!!! also it is a 2002
  11. if you search the es forums there is a discussion about a kit to hookup the ipod to an auxilary port. There are a fe companies that sell this type of product, however they are pricey.
  12. if you search the es forums there is a discussion about a kit to hookup the ipod to an auxilary port. There are a fe companies that sell this type of product, however they are pricey.
  13. does anyone know someone who owns a maybach? how much are those things? Like over $300k?? I don't even make that in a year! And, they're mercedes, so they can't be very reliable!! I'm ok with the s600; that wasn't that much.. ← I remember seeing these pictures in motor trend. They lok like motor trend sketches. I have 2 neighbors with maybach 57's. The cars are beautiful. Truely works of art. You can probably find them for under 300K on ebay.
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