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Pc7424 Question

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It's pretty loud. more of a rattle.

I took off the pad and it still does it.

It has a whine/squeal too.

Maybe I should oil it?

It is brand new. I just got it today.

What type of pads would you recommend?

I want to buy a kit or a few pads and a backing plate.

I read the what first post and I want to get the types of pads recommended in that post.

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is it the motor knocking? or just the oscillation

you might not have the right counter weight on it.

if its the motor, send it back........i have heard that some of those units sold online are refurbished.........not sure if that is your case, where did yo buy it

BTW, i most often use 3 pads; white, black, and orange, but different manufacters have differnt color pads according to the abbrasiveness scale, so you can't just rely on the color for all applications when searching for the right pads, be sure and read.

and i get em here (and they are in AR)

best prices i have found, if anyone has seen cheaper let me know, as i need to order some new ones.

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does tools for less sell refurbished tools, i think they do, but i'm not positve.

those crappy units from walmart isn't even the same thing, those just move in a weak circular motion the PC oscilates it a much great strenth

as far as sound, if i recall i think they sound about the same as far as loudness,

i mean the pc isn't loud by anymeans, mine isn't anyway. kinda makes a soft vibrating sound but thats it....

i would contact tools for less and ask them, i think u might have a faulty unit. becasue the sound of it shouldn't even be soemthing you notice

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I sent an email to toolsforless.

Maybe you could look at it if you have time. I live in Little Rock off Kavanaugh.

I tried to send you a private message, but I am not allowed.

My number is 258-7174.

We could arrange a time for you to see if it sounds normal.

I would be really grateful.

Thanks, Sam

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I started messing around with it and I found that most of the noise is a rattle on the black part that the handle attaches to. It is loose. Is it supposed to be?

Even when I hold that tight there is a knocking sound in the corner. It isn't as loud though.

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oh cool deal i live in west little rock off west Markham, small world

maybe when it gets warmer we can meet up and i'll show you have to do your car up right. we can get it shinning like no tommorow :lol:

no nothing is supposed to be loose on it. see if you can tighten the screws down if you can..........

man i think you got a refurbished unit, just wait and see what they say in the email. and then go from there

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I got the email back and they said that they do sell refurbished items, but they are clearly labeled and stamped by the manufacturer. I took it to a local shop and they said that it was normal and nothing was wrong with it. It is a reputable shop so I'll just trust them.

Now I'm off to order pads and stuff.

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ok cool, well then i wouldn't worry about it.

get your pads from these people, they are in Ar, so shipping is cheap and they have the best costomer service and prices i have found, it only takes like a day or 2 to get em,

here is the direct link to the PC pad and accessory page

to start with get 2 white, 2 black, and 2 orange pads.(it takes about 2 pads each to do the whole car)

for products get Meguiar's DACP, 2.0 swirl remover, then just your favorite sealant i use either NXT or high tech yellow.

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Quote: What type of pads would you recommend?

I want to buy a kit or a few pads and a backing plate. EOQ

Foam Pad Starter Kit:

1-Polish / Cutting Pad (*Yellow)

1-Polish / Light Cutting Pad (*Orange)

2-Polish / Waxing Pad (*White)

2-Finishing Pad (*Black)

1- Flexible Urethane Backing Plate

*The foam pad colour identifications and specifications are by Lake County Manufacturing (LC) other manufactures of foam pads use a different colour to identify the abrasiveness or cutting ability of their foam pads

For safety reasons, Porter Cable recommends that the machine not be operated unless the pad or bonnet is flat on the work surface. This means both starting and stopping the machine while it is flat on the vehicle's surface.

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