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Caliper Rebuild


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It's very uncommon for a lexus caliper to go bad

sorry to come over the top of you, but........... <_<

actually it is VERY common for a Gen 1 or GEN 2 LS caliper to lock up over the course of its long is one of the more common problems on older LS's

and once the caliper piston has seized up there is nothing you can do as far as lubrication or anything to free it, just needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

actually the only mechanical problem i've ever had with my LS, besides a cracked and leaky vaccum hose, (knock on wood) is the front left caliper locking up on me.

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my .02.... a lot of people forget to lube (grease) the the caliper guide pins and this causes uneven wear which appears to make the caliper "look" bad. I just had this happen to me on another car (non Lexus but same thing). Apparently the person before me didn't grease the pins and the pads on the outside of the caliper had about 70% left but the inside pads were down to the backing plate and very uneven. The pins were bone dry.. I thought maybe the calipers were bad but they're fine. Easy thing to forget but critical...


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