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Cd Changer Swap


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the CD changer needs the updated eye. I won't say how much I paid for it :rolleyes: .

Okay, I've done some research on the CD changer and I ran across a couple points of interest.

1. First off is the one I quoted above; what is this "upgraded eye" and where

might I find one?

2. Second off, I heard some discussion of swapping out the first gen. ES300 CD

changer for the Panasonic 12 person said it's plug and play. Any

second opinions? Hard to believe, seeing how you'd be going from a 12 disc

to a 6 disc...

3. Perhaps my most basic question, what goes bad in these things that makes em

misbehave?? I'm referring to the erratic the lens just dirty or

what? Oh, and how the hell did anyone get the thing apart?! I started to but

decided I better quit while I was ahead once I got the top and bottom covers

off and couldn't see anything still... <_<

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As far as the cd changer I was told that nothing is interchangable in these cars, that you have to get stock replacements but, I beleive there is another way to do it.

Also a question I have for anyone else is I just removed the stock 10" sub out of my SC to test it on another amp because it was all crackling and distorted. But, when I hooked it up to another amp, the 10" sounded great! Like it never had a problem at all, so that leaves me clueless. The rest of the system speakers sound great on the cars stock amp, so would could be the problem if it isn't the sub? or is it? I tryed hooking another sub up in the place if it and nothing would come through at all. I took it down to Circuit City and asked a guy about and he said there are no wiring harnesses or convert kits for the SC because Lexus makes there own systems. So, with that said why in the heck does the back of the stock sub read Pioneer? Any ideas on what I could do to get another 10" to work in there or why the stock is all distorted?

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