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I'm Debating


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this is my big debate I'm debating on buying a 98-99 ls400 with low miles 50-60k

or spending the extra 10-15k and getting a 01-02 ls430

I need something with some pep I had a 2000 SL500 and I loved the speed, since the lease has gone back I've been driving a nissan altima 2001 which is a great car but really slow and not smooth enough for me.

my basic desire is to have the car for 4 years with minimal problems. put about 25k miles on it a year. Should I just fork over the extra money and go with the 430?

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I'd go for the '98-'99. To me, their looks will never get old. The only reason I'd go for the 430 is the vented seats because it gets so damn hot down here, but I'd save the extra $10k-$15k over the 430 and go with the 98-99. ;) I put 20k+ miles on my LS this year, and I've enjoyed every one of those miles...btw, '95 LS4 w/ 245k miles. B)


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i agree with Blake......the 98-00 LS400's are my Favorite for sure... SWEET....

their looks will always keep them with the upmost class.

the 430 are very nice as well though,.......but i would save the money and buy a 98-00, if patient you will be able to find a really good deal.

but beware, they will not touch the power and performance of an SL500, they are really 2 complete opposite cars........... although the LS's do have more than enough power for everyday driving.

heck wait until 06 when the 500+ HP LS comes out......the price tag is gonna be up there though........thats gonna be something to see right there..... :blink:

either way you look at it, i have no doubt you will be happy with any LS series you buy.

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If styling is your main concern than the 98-00 LS is definately the winner over the 01-03 LS430. BUT, the LS430 is bigger, its slightly better on gas, it has more gadgetry features and has many more availiable (rear seat functions, cooled seats, sunshades, laser cruise, ultrasonic parking assist) has better nav is you're interested in nav (the nav on the 98-00 isn't worth getting as it can no longer be updated) has the availiability of premium audio with nav, and has a MUCH larger trunk (the trunk in the LS400 is pathetic whereas the trunk in the LS430 is quite big due to them moving the gas tank).

I would drive them both and decide what features matter the most for you. If you want the best of both worlds spring for an 04 LS430 ;)

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