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Looking For An Amp


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I want to put an amp in my car but I'm not sure what watt to go go with. I still have the factory system in my car and I don't intend to put anything else in. I asked someone what kind of amp I should get and they said "it depends on what you trying to push". I'm not even sure what size speakers I have in my car either. Maybe someone could help with the limited infomation I have lol. It's a 95 ES 300


P.S. I'm looking for something loud and crisp, but not nothing that's gonna blow out my windows or speakers lol

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Are you keeping the stock speakers or are you going to upgrade to aftermarket speakers? If you're going to keep the stock speakers then stick with the stock amp. Loud and crisp isn't only about the amp...you have to give your components some of the credit. How much are you looking to spend?

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$1,000 for a decent clean setup...higher if you wanted better.

Sony amps are crappy. You could find a better amp for about the same price. The stock speakers isn't going to able to handle the full output of the new amp...you're going to have to keep the power at the same level as the stock amp. If you want to get a new amp anyways then try these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5733140459&rd=1


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As mentioned, an aftermarket amp (esp 60Wx4) will most likely blow all your stock speakers when you pump up the volume. If I remember correctly but don't quote me on this, the stock amp in my 95ES only pushes 30W rms.

You want loud crisp sound improvement in what frequencies, all around hi, mid, lows? I find my stock amp&speakers adequate&crisp in hi&mid but the lows(bass) were lacking. To remedy this, I installed a single 12in sub in sealed box with its own 1-2way amp (signal can be wired off rear 6x9 speakers if you're keeping the stock radio unit). If you want sound improvements all-around, then you're gonna have to upgrade 4 (most likely the 2 doors&2 rear) speakers with the aftermarket 4way amp and rewire everything.. as mentioned that can eat a $1000 hole in your pocket. Whatever you do, I highly recommend buying the extended warranty for the aftermarket speakers bc it will pay off itself the first time ur speakers blow ur fault or not. Also, consider purchasing somewhere, ie. Bestbuy/CircuitCity, that have free installations included.

Goto a store's car audio setup like Bestbbuy and listen to what ur looking for.. car audio improvement is limitless (and depends how deep ur pocket is).

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