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#2 O2 Sensor


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I have a '95 Lexus ES300 with about 140,000 miles on it. I took it to the dealer to find out the cause of the check engine light. $80 later they told me it was the #2 oxygen sensor. Part = $200 Labor = $250 for a total of $450 but they will credit the $80 towards the repair. I did a little research and found the O2 sensor on top in the front of the engine. Looks simple to replace. Of course that is not the one that needs to be replaced. My question is where is the #2, and how difficult is it to replace?

Thanks in advance,


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Hey Paul, FYI, next time get your check engine light code diagnosed for FREE at your local Autozone store. They will say they can only scan year 96+ vehicles but your 95ES (like mine) has the OBD2 port in the fuse box right beside the hood open lever. That would have saved you the dealerships $80fee <_< and also open up opportunities to check around for cheaper parts/labor prices (i.e. Toyota dealership).


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yes, there's an OBD2 port inside that fuse box i mentioned. Autozone checked my code there. i also have an 95ES. just mention your car is 96+ (theyre not aware that 94&95ES's are OBD2 compliant and has the port also) and have them look for the port there.

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