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Anyone From Eastern North Carolina?


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Hey n welcome to LOC :lol: . For all your DIY needs.... check out the tutorials from 92Lex in the main webpage down at the tutorial section or any other who might posted there that i didn't mention.


Or you can check out Lexls's website.


Both websites i just described has tons of photos to help guide you through your DIY needs. Of course... thanks to them and many others here @ LOC for their great info n contributions. Also another site you may want to check out is:


If you have any other questions, by all means post them... and someone will definitely help you out. You can also check the search bar, for a lot of the topics probably have been discussed before.

Let's see... this is also a great website just in case you get a trouble code and your not sure what it means.


Most likely you can bring it to your local auto parts store such as Autozone, Napa, Advanced Auto Parts, Strausses, etc. to get your car checked to find out what the check engine light code is for.

Well i hope this covers it for you. Congrats on you car, for only $1k, it's a great deal. I hope you just have to change the P/S line and do something with the radio, and i hope that's it and nothing else to bother you. Enjoy the car.

Take care B)


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Amazingly enough my $1000 Lex doesn't have any trouble codes... yet =) All the lights come on when you turn the key on so I know none of them were disconnected to hide a problem! Thanks for the links! :cheers:

$1000 is a steal!!! How does it drive?

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Wow... then you got a great steal. Seriously congrats on the car. Just make sure you get the line checked out, cause it can lead to more costly repairs. I'm assuming your pump is still fine.

Take care

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Hi, and welcome!

I live in Apex and have had a '92 LS for a long time.

The things I've found over the years: the parts are outragous; if you ever go to the dealer for anything, they will find so many things your car needs, it will break the bank. After they get through with you, you'd be better off to junk the car!!!

I had a lot of things go out on mine around 90K miles. A/C compressor and evaporator, remote locking system, alternator, and steering rack. 120K on her now. I have learned to fix most things myself.

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