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It looks almost identical to the "Tornado," which is advertised so heavily.

I bought one of these several years ago and have tried it on several different cars. It never seemed to make any difference, either in increased power or gas mileage. These things are ripoffs.

I agree that folks that allow them to advertise should be more selective.

How much would it cost to manufacture these things? $1.00, perhaps. Isn't it logical that if they provided more power and increased gas mileage, the manufacturers would immediately install them in their cars?

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Come on LOC Get this "rip off" grap off the forum before some other lexus owner falls for it. (like I almost did), thanks to the members here and in the uk I did not.

Thanks guys.

it is not advertised here.

it may have appeared in the ads provided by google - if you feel ads should mot appear for the product, you should take it up with them.

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thanks Matthew,

I was kind of wondering since I hadn't seen it mentioned except in a couple of threads. I still hear people talking about the amazing tornados. I talked to people who bought them and they all said they thought they worked great.... for awhile. Then they realized that they didn't so anything. I thought ithe therory sounded feasible, but I am not an engineer.

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