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I-69 Filthy And Disgusting


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Hi Guys!! :)

Interstate 69.

Runs North/South through the state of Indiana.

The number '69' is filthy, disgusting and morally corrupt.

[well... some people think so]

Click this to read the story!!

Craig!! :)

ps please be careful. I'm a 'Christian' - so please don't lump me in with the freaks of the world who also claim to believe. 'Christian Conservatives? MY !Removed!!! More like 'Christian RADICALS'!! [or just plain RADICALS!!] :)

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Just to peeve people off.....they should re-name is I-96! :whistles: I know they can't because even numbers mean east & west vice versa for odd numbers on the interstate system, but hey.....how about I-169? :blink::lol::ph34r:


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I apologize.

I honestly thought this was a true story.

But... having double [and triple] checked - it turns out to be a HOAX.

From the... museum of hoaxes.com site comes the following...

"Is Indiana Congressman John Hostettler really introducing legislation to change the name of Interstate 69 to Interstate 63, because religious groups feel that I-69 is too risque whereas I-63 is more 'moral sounding'? Of course not. But the story has spread pretty far by now. When I first saw the headline linked to on Blogdex, I assumed it was real after glancing at it quickly. I should have known better. After all, the story comes from the Hoosier Gazette, which is becoming well known as a source of news hoaxes. Check out this article at Indystar.com about Josh Whicker, the creator of the Hoosier Gazette. He's already scored three successful hoaxes before this one. There was the one claiming that a five-year study at Indiana University had discovered that new parents often experience a sudden loss in IQ (that fooled MSNBC). There was the one claiming that Purdue University had given a basketball scholarship to the wrong Jason Smith (to a 5'6" Jason Smith computer geek, not 6'6" Jason Smith point guard). And then there was one about a guy who won the lottery two days after his divorce was final. As for the I-69 name change thing, it's already been picked up as real news by the Sierra Times, and reportedly, according to the Courier Press (requires registration), Hostettler's congressional office has been fielding outraged calls about the issue all day from people who don't realize the story was a joke."

I'm feeling kinda silly for being fooled. [and for - unknowingly - trying to fool all of you] Then again - didn't John Ashcroft spend thousands of U.S. tax payer's dollars to have an exposed breast on a statue covered up?!



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