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98 Es300 Parts

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I've been looking for some nicer aftermarket tail lights, and clear headlights for my ES 300 but no such luck...

I've also been looking for a strut bar but most parts seem to only come for the 90-97 models.

The only success I've had is in finding a cold air intake from either Akimoto or Toucan.

IF anyone knows some good sites/shops in NYC please do tell.


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i'm from NYC and i can tell you... there are TONS of shops there who will do any modding you would like with your car. Like what SK said.... there is a post in the past about this subject.

If you live in the Queens area you can find them all over FLushing, Corona, College Point area. There are A LOT of garages there. By Shea stadium alone there are over 80 shops just in like a 6 blocks. That's predominately a junk yard area, but there are people who do lights too. Just got to walk around. I wouldn't suggest to drive much around that area b/c the deeper you go... the more NEGLECTED the roads are...and if you are not careful... there are HOLES that can take out your tires n shocks etc. Then hence a whole bunch of them will rush up to you n say they can fix it in so n so time wit so n so amount of money.

If you want to go to that junk yard area without driving... take the "7" train to "WILLETS POINT". Walk out... n you should see piles of cars to the sky. Ask around too. There should be other spots all over the other boroughs. You can check yahoo yellow pages or any yellow pages for that matter. Start calling if you don't feel like to go out.

Good luck with your search.

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