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Bells & Whistles


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Hey, I've got a question that's been bugging me ever since I got my SC a couple months back.

The very first time I test drove an SC, back in '92, I'm almost positive I heard a distinct series of electronic bells and tones go off the moment the ignition key was turned. I seem to remeber the chime-like tones increasing in pitch as the dash lights all lit up and both the rpm and mph needles did a little 1-second bounce from 0 to limit, then back to 0. That really stuck with me. But now i'm left wondering if it really ever did that at all - because my car has never done it when I turn the ignition.

Did I imagine it all? Was the excitement of a 19 year-old doing a solo test drive in the baddest car on the planet (at the time) too much for me to handle and it all occured only in the deep recessess of my overly active imagination?? :unsure:

Or am I actually sane and this is just a bells-and-whistles option that can be switched on or off at the drivers preference?

If there's anyone out there who's had a similar experience please let me know. Does it only do it the first few times the car is started?

Dyin' to know...

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Yes, I think I heard similar bells and whistles when I was 19 years old. But then the voices in my head told the bells and whistles to stop. Or maybe it was that medication they put me on...

Maybe the chimes meant that the Flux Capacitor was warmed up and ready for a "Back to the Future" experience.


Another possibility is that you are fastening your seat belt before turning the ignition switch so that the "seat belt unfastened" chime doesn't sound. Or maybe your seat belt chime has died.

I think your car is a little early to have customizable CBest settings for changing the volume/duration of sounds, interior light dimming, etc.

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