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Sc 400 Clicking Noise


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I have a 93 that has a clicking noise coming from the engine compartment or there abouts and when I brake it stops. Does anyone know what this clicking is and how to get rid of it. Another thing, it doesn't do it all the time. I read in the manual that when the trac system is operating you would hear a clicking sound is that what I'm hearing?

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When I have my hood lifted on my '93 SC I hear a constant ticking also. I thought it was something to do with the ignition. I'll have to try it with the brake applied. Are you saying that this sound is loud enough to hear while you drive? Mine isn't.

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the constant ticking that you are hearing may be the fuel injectors. If you listen carefully to see where the noise is coming from, the injectors are probably the source. Every electronic fuel injected vehicle has had a similar tick. I had asked a mechanic on another car I had about the noise and he said that it was very common for injectors to make this noise.

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