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Dash Console Question


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What exactly is that device on the dash console just to the right of the AC & stereo unit?

For the three years I had spent searching ebaymotors, autotrader.com and others in search of my SC400 (before I was in a position to actually buy one), I noticed something that some SC interiors had but most didn't - that curvy looking piece of dash accessory mounted vertically on the dash. My SC doesn't have one. I use the empty space to put stuff in, like parking passes.

I was once lead to believe that this piece was an aftermarket pop-out cup-holder (or post-production dealer accessory). I've only seen it in pictures of other peoples cars. In fact, even the showroom brochure for my year ('93) shows that spot empty. {yes, I actually kept the SC brochure I got from the Detroit International Auto Show in 1993} :rolleyes:

So what exactly is that thing?

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That's kinda what I figured. So, was it a standard item - and most people have just snatched them out? What year did they start offering it? - Not that I want to get one. I'll take your word on the pop-spillage thing. The last thing I need is pop all in the my console.


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