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Remote Starter For Lx450


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Has anyone installed a remote starter in a 97 LX450? If so were there any complications or things to watch out for. I know that I will need to give up one key to by-pass the alarm but other than that? Also, any good sites for after market accessories? Thanks

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Yes, I installed an Audiovox 786 remote starter & alarm system in my 97 LX 450 at a cost of about $420 this included a few extra options for example the anti grind for the starter in case you turn your key to far & also the side marker lights light up to show that the truck is running. The starter & alarm works from as far away as 100 yards. I park my LX about 100 yards away from my work door & have had no problem starting it from the front door.

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Is Audiovox good? How bout Clifford? also how long does it takes for them to installed it?

Audiovox system is good enough for me both the starter & alarm work just fine. I am sure if willing to spend the cash you can get a much better system. I am not familiar with Clifford. I left my LX 450 & pick it up later on that same day. I am not sure how long to actually install. I received 2 - 4 button Prestige remotes with the system.

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i really wanted to have a remote start installed but a tech told me that its pretty much inpossible as the key transponder needs to be permanently installed in the car to activate the security code.....is this true? how did your installer bypass this?

any info would be appreciated!



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that's not a problem at all. These days any shop who are authorized to install DEI units can do the installation.

there is a DEI 556U (universal bypass module) that hosts one of your keys and bypasses the security when the remote starter is activated.

The best so far is the Viper 791xv system that has a remote start, security and two way remote, which most shops are installting for around 500 which includes both the cost of the system and labor.

if you have any questions feel free to ask.

use this site put in your zip code and talk to one of the authorized installation shops.

good luck.


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thanks for the info/reply less, much appreciated!

i will look into the Viper unit, sounds good.



ps - is anyone else having email notification problems? im not being notified when someone responds to a thread (yes i have that option checked in my user CP).

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