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  1. Register your car on you can order a new one every month for free.
  2. Thanks to all I found it in pep boys. My first trip there I could not located it nor could a worker who never heard of it . My second trip there another worker show me where it was located, I was in the aisle the first trip but the can does not stand out . They should re think their label to sell more product. Anyway I added it to the oil & gas as recommended on this sight by Toysrme .{Great post sold me} Not through the brake booster yet. How many applacations before it should do some good ? My LX 450 is going on 150,000 but is runing smouth.
  3. $20 1996 - 1997 LEXUS LX 450 - 93 - 97 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Fule Filter NEW Meets or exceeds original manufaturers specifications PAYPAL to a Confirm address Will ship Priority Mail to 48 States included in price
  4. I live on Long Island NY & have look in all the major auto parts stores with no success. I tried looking for it on ebay as well. Can anyone tell me where to purchase Seafoam. Thanks in advance Tony
  5. Your topic on how to Seafoam convince me to give it a try but where to purchase Seafoam . I look in Pepboys, Aid Auto, Auto Barn
  6. I just had the LX tuned up by my mechanic replace the following .All parts meet OE spec. Spark Plugs (6) Ignition Wires Set PCV Valve Distributor Cap Distributor Rotor Button Fuel Filter Air Filter . He also change 2 drive belts 1 AC belt + 2 small hoses that sit up on top that had cracks .Also added 2 qts oil at my cost of $240 + tip. Which I believe to be a very good price.
  7. When I start my truck the little oil can with drips coming out the spout with the wavy lines underneath light up My mechanic speaks with a heavy accent . It is more likely I misquoted him . I believe what he was trying to tell me was that Synthetic oil acts as if it is magnetized by clinging & staying up top & does not go to the bottom of the oil pan as quickly as conventional oil would. So possibly the low oil light might not come on for that reason.
  8. Yes the oil warning light lights up when starting up the truck. I check with my mechanic he tells me that Synthetic oil is magnetize & will stay up top cling to all possibly tricking the oil warning light even with dangerously low oil levels.
  9. I will try removing and cleaning the contacts on the connect as I believe the light should have come on to let me know I was 2 qt low on oil 2,000 miles till my next oil change I change my oil every 5000 miles. I have a oil leak which I will be fixing sometime before the spring I can remember car manufactures manuals in the past stating every 7,500 miles oil & oil filters every 15,000 then every 5,000 & now every 3,000. 5,000 mile oil & filter changes have always work for me . I own Toyotas v 6 4x4 ex cabs each runing strong with 185,000
  10. While having my LX tuned up my mechanic added 2 quarts of 5-30 conventional oil to my truck but I use 5-30 synthetic oil . Should this be a concern or not a big deal. Should I change the oil? Also should have my oil warning light come on?
  11. You were doing 150 MPH & taking photos now that what I call multi tasking. Seriously not the smartest thing to be doing. I am glad you are safe .
  12. Looking to purchase a 1997 LX 450 Factory repair manual. New or Used Would like the same manual that Lexus themselves use. Must be the factory book not interested in CDs
  13. Thanks for all your advice. I will try new brake hoses as per the advice of my mechanic & post the results once the job is completed . Hopefully in a week or so as I have ordered the parts on line & they should arrived on or about August. 23
  14. Sponge like break pedal close to the floor. Just replace my brakes cut both front & back rotors install new pads, all is good & smooth when stopping . However the break pedal is sponge like & just about goes to the floor . I bleed all the lines & replace the master cylender . What else can I do to improve the brake pedal ?
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