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  1. is that fuse 31 or a relay /circuit breaker ? I have to give the car in for some repairs and the seat settings are always tampered with whenever i leave the car at the mechanics.... People of various sizes and shapes such (e.g. porters, mechanics. clean up crew) may have to drive your car when you take it to a repair shop. Disabling your seat adjustments could make your car difficult, impossible or even dangerous for others to drive. If I were to make the drivers seat of our LS400 fixed in place for my wife, our mechanic Fred wouldn't begin to fit behind the wheel to test drive the car on the highway like he sometimes has to do -- he's too tall and has had too many burgers! Can't you just readjust your seat instead of taking the "nuclear" approach? i would but the rear or the seat has that infamous problem where one side tilts and the other doesn't. takes literally days to manually operate the back to where it should be once someone simply tries to adjusts and screws it so that the back is all skewed. There's a reason to the madness lolz :)
  2. is that fuse 31 or a relay /circuit breaker ? I have to give the car in for some repairs and the seat settings are always tampered with whenever i leave the car at the mechanics....
  3. 90 LS, wanted to know if there's a fuse I can pull to disable the motor for the driver's seat to run. or maybe if there's a wire connector within easy reach that I can simply pull to disable the seat motor from running... ? I want the rest of the car electronics to be intact. just want to keep the seat from being adjusted. thanks.
  4. thanks very much ! is there a link to where i can get the adus 505 bushing that you mention ? thanks again ! :)
  5. my 90 LS has developed a weird phenomena. at highway speeds the rear literally feels that it's going to give out when changing lanes. kind of like a boat. i believe it's called fishtailing... what bushing/part would i need to replace to correct this ? thanks.
  6. @ko90LS, there are lots of other sites, but this one in particular, i found to be very informative and given Sheikh Usuf is a Texan and used to be a Priest before he converted to Islam, he understands and realizes the questions that would arise in the minds of the American public. He caters to that point of view in a very good fashion. There are other links within this website pionting to the Quran, the Sunnah (the life of The Prophet) and the Hadeeth (the teachings and sayings of Prophet). I would say this is a great starting point. Those who need other sources can also post the questions there or use the link to chat and ask questions live. I'm glad that I can be of help to spread the information.
  7. My intention is to only present the information on islam. I will let the audience learn and decide for themselves. Point is to educate rather than debate.
  8. Peace to all. I am attaching here a website that is hosted and compiled by a former Christian Priest. He answers on this site most of the questions sought after these days regarding Islam. Hope that the Almighty helps us all in the seeking the truth. Amen. http://www.islamtomorrow.com do pass this to others who are curious about Islam and its teachings. There's a video section in there which particlarly addresses the concerns regarding islam versus terrorism.
  9. heres the link http://autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?rdpage=t...ng=en&cardist=0
  10. I am selling my 1992 190E 2.6 Attached is the link. http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?rdpa...ardist=0#vdptop
  11. Hello All, I have a 1990 LS400 and it recently had the following brake work done. Front rotors resurfaced, new oem brake pads, and the two front brake hoses replaced (due to small leak in the hose). The work was done at an indy, and while replacing the hoses, apparently enough fluid had leaked causing the master cylinder reservoir to be nearly emply which could have induced air in the system. The LS has traction control. The car has had very very mushy / spongy pedal ever since. The brakes to work and stops the car, but there's never a point in the brake pedal where it would actually stop and not travel any further towards the firewall. with sligh pressure the pedal goes all the way to the floor with engine running. With engine off, the pedal does not sink at all. But with pressure on the brake pedal while engine is off, once the engine is turned on, as soon as the hydraulic booster kicks in, the pedal goes all the way to the floor with the pressure that was already on it... The bleeding done by the indy's has been just opening the 4 valves at the 4 ends and bleeding conventional way. I have read the service manual and there's description of the bleeding of traction system however I am not sure how to have the TRAC pump operated as it is described in the service manual to be able to bleed the air out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thnx.
  12. Is there a better option ? the service manual doesnt really pin point how to accomplish this but if jacking both rear wheels can be avoided that would be great as well.
  13. 90 LS400 with traction. There are many many threads on how to bleed the brake system and references to the manual as well where it says that the master cylinder should be bled along with the traction system . However nowhere in the posts does it mention how to run the traction pump so that the bleeder valve can be opened while the pump is running. Could someone kindly post the method to bleed the traction system on the first gen LS400. thnx.
  14. kindly send me the interior and exterior pics at aassume@hotmail.com i am in NJ and interested.