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95 Ls 400 Dash And Power Steering Problems


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So far, my 92LS400 (176k miles) Climate control and radio LCD hasn't turned black yet (KNOCK ON WOOD):cheers: My Instrument Cluster hasn't blackened yet. The only thing in my cluster is the very very very TIPS of the needle crapped out... but other than that... the whole cluster is bright like the day i first got it. My P/S pump just CRAPPED out like 1k ago or less. So not so bad. My baby is starting to show some signs of problems considering i never knew anything about cars until i found LOC. I never knew there were O2 sensors... or even knew O2 sensors EXISTED. Heck they r still on original O2's, T-belt, and just about everything. The only thing i changed regularly was engine OIL. I posted this last time... but recently i just changed my TRANNY FLUID @ 176K. My car still runs smooth.

I'm proud of my baby... n i love her :blushing: . Just needs to go into some serious surgery soon though :( :cries: . NO $$$$ **SIGH**

But i guess it depends on the individual car. How you treat it. The Climate will play some role too. N i suppose on plain luck too. I think i'm pretty lucky with my car that i haven't received sooo many problems "YET." I hope i never will.

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did the 95 ls have the same problems as the earlier years with the power steering pump leaking and the dash lights going out? also, what about the climate control glass turning black?



Those PS units are nortorius for leaking..........The design was changed in 98+ models for "supposedly" great improvement. We'll see........

I flushed my PS fluid out the first month I had my 99 LS. One reason they leak, I believe, is because the fluid isn't kept fresh like most every other fluid in the car. I'll flush it out every year now.

We change are oil regulary, @ 30K - tranny, brake, coolant, diffy,.........so why not the PS fluid too....... Neglect is a major culprit :chairshot:

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